What We Do

Starting and maintaining the growth process in a business requires an understanding of the factors within the business and of those outside the business in the business' environment that can impel or impede growth.  It is the ability to identify and harness or nullify these forces to create a balanced growth path or vector which allows a manager to initiate and maintain the growth process.

Visualize Company Growth

It is the job of the company management to visualize the future of the company and pass that vision on to the whole organization.  As part of this visualization, the managers must comprehend both the Inside - the operation and structure of the business - and the Outside - the environment in which the company operates.

We help managers identify and understand those significant factors both inside and outside that specifically affect the company's growth.  Working with company managers we will quantify the strength of and effect on the company of each of these vectors. Also, as part of our visualization we will identify what is meant by growth for your company and how growth is to be measured.

Plan growth vector

Once we have identified and quantified each of the meaningful growth and inhibitor factors working on the company we will plot an integrated growth vector for the company which should indicate the appropriate growth objectives and indicated growth path for our company.  This vector will indicate the rate and course we wish to pursue impelled by the collective forces of our selected growth drivers.  In some cases there may be a different integrated growth vector for each different unit of our business.

Formulate and initiate growth programs

Once we've identified our growth path and objectives, we can begin to create internal programs which bring into play our growth drivers and which diminish the effects of any anti-growth factors.  These programs might include action in the areas of production, people, organization, products, pricing, sales, legal and/or regulatory responses, process or product technologies, finance or funding, or any of many other factors.

Normalize growth culture

Having put in place the programs and projects necessary to engage the company's growth drivers we help monitor and manage the progress of these efforts and to ensure that changes made become embedded in the company's processes and culture.   Periodically we will revisit the managers' visions of growth and growth objectives to help ensure that we are still on track.  We'll also work with managers to help identify emerging growth opportunities given the new business environment.