Bob Vinson

Bob has been an advisor to managers of businesses and organizations of all sizes for more that fifteen years.  He can bring to your members knowledge condensed from experience and from extensive education and training.  He can provide your members insights into creating business organizations, providing effective leadership, motivating workers, creating and commercializing products, and working with funding sources in interactive and invigorating sessions for groups of up to fifty.  Programs from half an hour to half a day ... and free of charge.  You just provide the venue and the audience.  Have a larger group?  Need a longer program?  Reasonable fees can be arranged.  Contact us below.

Some Sample Topics ...

  • Romancing the cash - Thinking like an investor
  • Finding the cash - Where are the investors
  • Growth strategy - What is it and how to get one
  • Finding and engaging your growth drivers
  • Commercializing - From idea to product or service
  • Customers - Going to market
  • Creating a real business
  • Finding and motivating collaborators
  • Business growth - what it means and how to do it
  • Competition - it's there; what to do about it
  • Integrating and sustaining technologies
  • Leadership - What is it and how to do it
  • Many other business and management topics...

Do you have a particular business or management topic in mind?  Discuss it with us.  We can probably provide you a stimulating and informative session that will satisfy your requirements, inform your members, and help boost your group's reputation.