Equity, debt, divestiture, acquisition

Often a major constraint on business growth is a company's ability to finance that growth.  Growth initiatives generally require either pre-growth investment in assets, people, technology or simultaneous investment in the form of acquisitions or other asset purchases.  In each case, we can help you find the financial wherewithall to achieve your goals.  Our partners include those duely registered with FINRA and the SEC to help place equity or debt for the purpose of financing growth initiatives and to help you implement an effective financial strategy for the future.


The quickest way to grow is by acquiring other companies: competitors, suppliers, customers, diverse enterprises depending on your growth strategies. We can help you formulate and implement and effective set of strategies keeping in mind overall growth objectives and helping you maintain an effective and efficient capital mix.

Equity placements

We will help you search for investors who are willing to purchase a stake in your company, thus providing the growth capital needed to fund your expansion.  We'll assist you to issue equity shares in your company and sell a percentage of those shares to interested institutional investors.  This approach often provides side-benefits in that many professional investors bring with them strategic connections, knowledge, and capabilities of which you, as their business partner, can take advantage.

Debt placements

Debt, when well planned and managed, can play a significant part in helping you grow.  One of the major advantages of financing growth through borrowing is that you don't have to give up a percentage of your company to attain financing.


In some instances a corporate unit may not exactly fit into a company's current operation, culture, or growth strategies.  Or, it might be underperforming within it's current ownership and environment.  Sometimes, the most effective way to enhance value and have a more robust growth environment is to sell off these units, thereby also gaining funds for expansion in the mother company.


Sometimes units of your company may demand separate operations, for branding purposes, for separate geographical markets, for separate cultural markets, for different asset bases, or other reasons.  It may enhance the growth capability of your company to separate one or more units into stand-alone organizations, still owned by the mother company.  Additionally, it may be possible to realize capital infusions into a subsidiary company without encumbering or selling equity in the original.

How we'll do it

Assess financial structure and position

The first step in effective financial engineering for your company is to understand your current financial and operational status.  We'll examine your current asset base and cash flow and estimate your potential for growth.

Structure a growth strategy and plan

We'll work with you to establish your growth vectors and plan for the financial support required to proceed.

Solicit buyers, sellers, or investors

Our partners work with well-known institutional investors such as private equity companies, banks, commercial leasing companies, insurance brokers who can provide substantial financial support for the long-term and who, for the most part, are SEC registered.  With the support of these companies we will lay out a financial plan attempting to balance requirements for growth with your cost of capital.


We will marry our completed financial plan with our intended growth vectors as part of our overall set of growth programs and proceed to implement them.  As any good manager, we monitor and adjust the various plans and programs based on our determined performance indicators and periodically reconsider all growth efforts including financing.